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Fundraiser for baby Avery - option two

Fundraiser for baby Avery - option two

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Mystery Bath Bomb bundle 

$10 from each purchase of 10 bath bombs will be giving  to Avery’s Family .

I started this fundraiser in hopes that family, friends, and anybody else who is moved by baby Avery’s story would help her parents out though this very difficult time. 

On September 24th, 2020, already 17 weeks along and following multiple misdiagnoses, Amanda and Dwayne were surprised to learn that they were expecting a baby due to arrive March 6, 2021. 

On the morning of December 21st, 2020, Amanda's water broke and was transported by air to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.  Medical staff assessed Amanda and were optimistic they could delay labor with bedrest. 

Without warning, tiny baby Avery Harper surprised everyone and made a grand entrance into the world on Christmas morning at 10:52 a.m.  Avery was born in just 11 minutes, 10 weeks premature, weighing just 2lbs 11 oz.  

Avery was stable and surpassing all expectations in the NICU until New Years Eve when Amanda and Dwayne learned their baby would face life long challenges.  Despite all the doctors appointments, tests, weekly ultrasounds and reassurances from the doctors they were having a healthy baby they were devastated to learn Avery has trisomy 21 better known as Down Syndrome.  

Having a baby in the NICU was unplanned and while this should be a joyous time of celebration, it is instead a very stressful, emotional, and very overwhelming experience for both Amanda and Dwayne.  Dwayne will not be returning to work until Avery is released and she will require access to specialists and medical support not available in Fort McMurray.

Every bit will help to eliminate some of the stress and fear that is stealing away from the joy and happiness of these two becoming new parents to this precious baby girl.  

Please follow the Facebook page we have created for Avery.  There you will find regular updates on Avery’s progress as her journey continues.

Thank you in advance for donating. Please regularly share this fundraiser link on your social media and use the hashtag #TeamAveryHarper