Well Hello - The Creator Behind SoapMuchLuv


Hello Everyone I am Ashley - I am the creator, artisan, and owner of Soap Much Luv!

All of our bath products are created from scratch by myself and amazing team - Melissa & Danielle.

Myself & Melissa can be found making products basically a few hours each day from  Monday- Friday. Danielle is an amazing helper who doesn’t hesitate to help whenever she can.

Before Soap Much Luv was a business, I was a peace officer for over 6 years thinking "bath bomb making" was more of a fun hobby than a 360 degree career change. I started Soap Much Luv in November of 2007. Taken courses to better my knowledge and understanding for products, formulas, ingredients, for this amazing line of work. I was fascinated and determined that this was exactly what I wanted to spend my time doing. This career choice didn’t come easy.

 I started giving our products to friends and family and eventually attending markets on the weekends. I wanted to showcase and share my craft and love for the products 

I work so hard formulating for my family and yours.

This is a photo from our very first Market in Fort McMurray April 22,2012 ! Wow how quickly time flys.

Our business started out featuring our amazing soapy bars and bath bombs this was  our staple to our business.

After juggling working full time and full time mommy. I decided to take a few years off both working full time peace office and my side hustle.  And force of my personal life.

It wasn't until the Winter of 2016 I decided to take the bull by the horns and dive head first into giving entrepreneurship a whirl.


I couldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the outstanding support of my amazing family, friends, past coworkers and dedicated customers and I couldn't be more grateful, so to all of you, thank you - from the bottom of my heart- your love and support for our business is forever appreciated. 


Little Side Note: I meet Matt in 2015 we moved in together In 2016 he said I could do whatever I like with the house just don’t touch the man cave... he had no idea that I would seriously take over lol.. I have our bath bomb  studio in the basement where we hand-make all of our bath & body products, I have taken the second family room for my products display. Which serves a duel purpose of packaging and shipping orders.

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