Sweet Jessica

Where do I even began.. 

Jessica posted an add looking for part time work. She was a familiar face and had been a returning customer since 2012.  So December 2018 Jessica became our shop assistant.

The hours were flexible making it easy for Jess to work around her kids and family schedules enjoy basket ball with Gavin and out of town tournaments. 

As anyone who works with us at SoapMuchLuv are usually strangers who turn in to the best of friends. This became the same with me and Jess. 

Jessica was a hard worker, highly motivated and loved to tackle any crazy idea that I had in mind.

We shared many belly laughs, Jess dancing around the shop while signing our favourite songs.


Jess would always say Ashley you have no idea how much this extra income helps my family. But what Jess never realized I needed her equally as much. I needed her friendship, her beautiful soul and sense of humour.


Summer of 2019 I decided to buy concert tickets for the girls, many days I worked alone but any time our schedules alined these girls would give it their all to make sure our small business was successful.

Since myself and Danielle’s schedules couldn’t line up I purchased tickets for her and a bestie to attend a concert.

Miss Jeannine isn’t a fan of loud music but that didn’t stop me from calling her one day and saying hey girl we’re heading to your first concert. Seriously thought she would disown me lol.. but she was a trooper and we enjoy a few good laughs that night. 

Well me and Jess were always famous for winging it Lol. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a laid back person who doesn’t stress over much.


I managed to scored tickets the day of Bryan Adams concert.  I called Jess and said hey girl I just scored tickets to the concert would you still like to go ? Without hesitation Jess said absolutely! Bryan Adams was the only concert she wanted to attend that summer.

Anyone who knew Jess knows she was always the life of the party. Jess manages to wiggle and worm us all the way to the front line of the stage. We sang and danced the entire night away. By the end of the night both of our voices were completely shot. But the memories will last a lifetime.



As summer dwindled away our scheduled lined up less and less. With both of us managing busy family lives, getting the kiddies ready for back to school shopping, and getting to enjoy the last of the warm sunny days.


Jess stopped in one afternoon while myself and Danielle was working we made plans to finally get back to working in the shop together the following week.

We exchanged the biggest hugs wished each other well and to enjoy our week we’ll get back on track the following week.


That week never came- Jess never walked back into our shop - and my heart will forever be broken.

Jess was taken from us all to soon and his deeply missed, loved and mentioned in our shop everyday.


Jess will always be my forever angle and friend.  Always loved and greatly missed xo



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